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What We Do
10% for 12 days
Interest: 10% daily
Term: 12 calendar days
Minimum: $10 / 0.02 BTC
Maximum: $10,000 / 20 BTC
Principal: included
Total Return: 120%
Net Return: 20%
Referral Program
If you like our program, it makes sense to make some money referring your friends or promoting us on the web. We pay 5% of deposits made by your referrals with a possibility to grow this number based on your referring history. If you feel that you deserve more, please contact us to obtain a tailored proposition.
Financial Plans
10% for 12 days
5% Referral
We do not seek success, we strive to become legend
While others are constrained, we are flexible. While others may be confused, we exhibit clarity. While others see adversity, we discover opportunity. While others chase fads, we uncover trends.

We are a financial company, dedicated to provide innovative investment solutions for profit generation in a dynamic and unpredictable environment. We feel it as our responsibility to achieve ultimate results with this process, whilst safety for our clients. And every day is about developing, pushing boundaries and making profit. It’s called work, but it’s an adventure.
There is no progress without technology
Technology is our great passion, knowledge our most valuable asset. That’s why we believe in investing in innovations. In developing and sharing knowledge and technology, in promoting research. This passion for technology determines the zest and drive with which our team develops semi-automatic highly intellectual trading platforms. Promoting precision, safety and efficiency. Achieving results which surprise the whole investment world. Which we are proud of.

We view the world differently, and this makes all the difference. In all modesty, we are proud of what we do, of what we achieve. Talking about that is one thing, showing it another. Start investing in Destiny with as low as $10 and see for yourself.

Is Destiny a legitimate program ?
This website is operated by Destiny Line Limited, which is a financial company registered in the United Kingdom (UK) with registration number 10154950 and with its registered office at Lord House, 51 Lord Street, Manchester, United Kingdom, M3 1HE.

What options do I have to make a deposit ?
We accept Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Payeer.

How long do Bitcoin deposits take to confirm ?
Bitcoin deposits are confirmed almost instantly after ZERO confirmations as long as they are in sync with the BTC blockchain.

How many deposits can I make ?
You are not limited in number of deposits you can make, but you can have only ONE active deposit.

What is the minimum and maximum amounts to deposit ?
For USD deposits the minimum is set to $10 and the maximum is $10,000. For Bitcoin deposits the minimum is 0.02 BTC and the maximum is 20 BTC.

What is the minimum and maximum amounts to withdraw ?
The minimum withdrawal is just $0.01 / 0.0001 BTC. The maximum is limited by your available balance.

How long do withdrawals take ?
We process withdrawal requests within 12 hours maximum, normally much faster.

Do you have an affiliate program ?
Yes, we pay 5% of deposits made by your referrals with a possibility to grow this number based on your referring history. You don't need to be an active investor to participate in our affiliate program.

Can I promote your program using any kind of spam method ?
We will not tolerate any type of spam or solicitation. If you are caught spamming, your referral commission will be frozen.

Destiny Line Limited
Lord House, 51 Lord Street, Manchester M3 1HE, UK

For every information or request you may have, please write an email to help@destinyline.co
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To protect your privacy, we limit the sharing of your personal information outside of Destiny. We will not share personal information about you except as outlined below:
- Destiny may share information with our affiliates if the information is required to provide the services you request.
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Destiny welcomes any participation of the user in the affiliate program, and at the same time Destiny restricts affiliate links distribution methods and encourages its customers to use only personal contact with a potential audience. Destiny prohibits the use of spam software for mass posting on the forums, sending bulk e-mails, IM messages and SMS messages. Any suspicion of violation of the anti-spam agreement will be treated in favor of Destiny.

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